Arabic Language

For more than twenty-five years, IESH Chateau Chinon have been offering Arabic language courses in an all inclusive, on-site 11ha campus. These long years of experience have enabled the Institute’s professors to develop an effective teaching method. IESH would like to share this experience with the non-Arabic-speaking public in a unique, European environment, and to benefit from the spiritual surroundings.


Acquire a level of Arabic, oral and written, allowing the integration of institutes and universities using the Arabic language as their main language.


The courses are aimed at an adult audience, from the age of 16, who are not Arabic-speaking and who are unable to read. There are five hours of lessons scheduled daily for the duration of the week which the student must attend.

Educational means of online courses

Upon registration, an evaluation test will be offered to the student in order to determine the corresponding level. The courses are based on booklets and worksheets received by the student at the start of the year. This will allow the student to benefit solely from the teaching of the teachers.

These courses are intended for:

  • Complete the courses.
  • Provide methodological education comparable to that provided in a face-to-face regime in Arabic.
  • Support the individual work of students.
  • Work on oral expression.

Student guide:

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Registration form:

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