In Short

The path of righteousness, as well as the path of vice, are fully opened to him, allowing him to reach perfection in the struggle through free will.

Main goals

Grant to muslims from Europe and elsewhere teachers in religious sciences and religious executives (imams, professors, chaplains, researchers, etc.) highly qualified in the field of religious sciences and their applications, able to transmit their knwoledge in Arabic as well as in their native language, and taking into account the sociocultural realities of our time.



Due to its background of thirty years of experience in teaching and transmission, the IESH is providing fully adapted programs, through a high-quality teaching team.


Key of success

The IESH relies on the strong and caring relationship between the student and his teachers. Moreover, the 11 hectares of splendor and magnificence belonging to the campus offer the best conditions for our users to reach their full potential. The perfect place to fully and peacefully focus on study and knowledge.



  1. Spread the legacy of religious sciences taking into account European socio-cultural and political realities.
  2. Supply scientific and academic production related to European Muslim concerns.
  3. Center the message of Islam in relation to the main interrogations of our time through open meeting and debates in order to build bridges of mutual understanding between the different protagonists of our society.
  4. Support each itinerant aspiring to acquire useful knowledge for humanity.


Key figures







The IESH belongs to the world

The IESH opens its doors to everyone willing to acquire a good and healthy understanding of this beautiful religion. Our students from various backgrounds have come to us among others from: Indonesia, Malaysia, the United States, Morocco, and Tunisia. As well as from multiple European countries: Belgium, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, and the Reunion island.