Why study remotely?

You have the ambition to become


  • Imam
  • Head of religious institution
  • Teacher – Teacher
  • Educator – Educator
  • Researcher – Researcher

But also

  • learn the Arabic language in immersion
  • to learn, understand and meditate on the Holy Quran
  • to know and live your religion

1st Institute for the training of Imams and religious leaders in Europe
Elected best Quran Institute in the world in 2012

Why remote IESH?

  • Follow-up provided throughout the preparation
  • An exclusively dedicated platform accessible 24/7
  • Telephone hotlines for teachers
  • Dedicated secretariat open every working day except holidays


What organization?

  • Adapted timetables
  • Classes at the end of the afternoon and weekends
  • Course recordings available and accessible all year round
  • Modular courses over several years at your own pace

“The demand for science is from the cradle to the tomb”.


What if I want to go to IESH?

  • 30% discount on holiday stays (except summer)
  • Seminars reserved for DESI students