Muslim Culture

The IESH of Château Chinon offers a training course intended for the French-speaking public wishing to acquire a knowledge of the bases in the Islamic sciences. in French.

This training offers a summary of everything that a Muslim must necessarily know about the basic principles of his religion.


  • Acquire fundamental knowledge in the various Islamic sciences so that the student can have a solid foundation in these subjects.
  • Develop an adaptability of “fiqh” Muslim law by associating theoretical knowledge of texts with the specificities of the Western context.
  • Recognize diversity and acquire the ethics of disagreement.


Training intended for the French-speaking public wishing to acquire an in-depth knowledge of Islamic sciences in French.


  • Benefit from thirty years of teaching experience.
  • Follow-up provided throughout the preparation
  • Content written by IESH teachers
  • A weekly telephone hotline for teachers for your questions.
  • An exclusive scientific level in French.

Educational means of online courses

All subjects are taught online. Online courses will be based on the textbooks and booklets received by the student at the start of the year. This will allow the student to benefit solely from the teaching of the teachers. These courses are intended for:

  • Complete the courses.
  • Provide methodological education comparable to that provided in a face-to-face regime in Arabic.
  • Support the individual work of students.
  • If unable to attend live online lessons, the student can view the recording of the lessons.


CM program

  1. Muslim belief
  2. Sire: life and works of the prophet (ﷺ)
  3. Fiqh malikite (ritual purity, prayer and fasting)
  4. Introduction to Islam
  5. Introduction to the Quran
  6. Introduction to the Sunnah

Courses and seminars

Support courses are offered in the main subjects and certain complementary subjects. These courses are points of contact with teachers and other students. They allow students to meet their teachers. The courses will be given in the form of intensive seminars which will take place within our institute over one week during the school holidays (during the university year) and over two weeks during the summer period (at the rate of five hours per day).

Registration fees do not take these seminars into account. However, any student enrolled in one of the courses offered by the IESH Château-Chinon will benefit from a 30% reduction.

Work on oral expression.

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