Islamic Higher Studies

The IESH of Château Chinon offers a formation for the French-speaking public wishing to acquire basic, or in-depth knowledge in Islamic sciences in French called Diplôme d’études supérieures islamiques (DESI) .

The “Diplôme d’études supérieures islamiques” (DESI) is a certificate allowing students to acquire a level of higher education at bac + 3 level. Access to this formation is reserved for holders of the baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma. It lasts three years.

Main goals

  • Acquiring fundamental knowledge in the various Islamic sciences in order to provide the student solid bases in these subjects.
  • Developing adaptation ability regarding the Muslim Law “fiqh” through the combination of the texts’ theoretical knowledge with the specificities of the Western context.
  • Accepting diversity and acquiring the ethics of disagreement.


Training intended for French-speaking people wishing to acquire in-depth knowledge in Islamic sciences in French.
Formation is available for the holders of a baccalaureate or an equivalent diploma.


  • Benefit from thirty years of experience in teaching.
  • Follow-up provided throughout the preparation
  • Contents developed by the IESH teachers
  • A weekly teacher’s telephone helpline is available if you get some questions.
  • A scientific French vocabulary.

Pedagogical system for the online courses

All subjects are taught online. Online courses will be based on the textbooks and documents received by the student at the start of the year. This will allow the student to benefit from the teaching of the professors at home. These courses allow to:

  • Follow the lessons on the documents, and complete them.
  • Provide methodological education comparable to the courses delivered face-to-face in Arabic.
  • Support the individual work of students.
  • If unable to attend the live online lessons, the student has access to the recordings.

DESI Formation program

1st year D.E.S.I.

  1. Quran (memorization (Juz ‘amma) and psalmody rules)
  2. Muslim law: (Malikite and compared)
  3. The rules of the acts of worship
  4. Quran Sciences
  5. Hadith Sciences
  6. Muslim faith
  7. Introduction to Muslim Law
  8. Spirituality
  9. Story 1: the prophet (PBUH) life and accomplishments
  10. Exegesis Methodology

2nd year D.E.S.I.

  1. Quran (memorization (Juz tabarak) and psalmody rules)
  2. Muslim law: the rules of marriage and divorce
  3. Commentary on prescriptive verses.
  4. Politico-religious movements
  5. Foundations of Muslim Law: The Sources of Muslim Law and Legal Prescription
  6. Story 2: Muslim History and Civilization
  7. Muslim reformism
  8. Inheritance law
  9. Muslim faith

3rd year D.E.S.I.

  1. Quran (memorization (Juz qad sami’a) and psalmody rules)
  2. Muslim law: financial transactions
  3. Commentary on prescriptive hadiths.
  4. Foundations of Muslim law: Linguistic rules, ijtihad, and reasoning by analogy.
  5. The purposes of Muslim law
  6. Contemporary legal issues
  7. Legal adages
  8. Magistracy and arbitration
  9. The foundations of preaching

Courses and seminars

Support courses are available for the main subjects and some complementary subjects too. These courses are good contact opportunities with teachers and other students. They allow students to meet their teachers. The courses will be given by the way of one-week intensive seminars taking place within our institute during the school holidays (during the university year) and two-weeks intensive seminars during the summer period (at the rate of five hours per day).

Registration fees do not include these seminars. However, any student enrolled in one of the courses offered by the IESH Château-Chinon will benefit from a 30% reduction.

Student guide:

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Application form:

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