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Application for on-site formation


Academic Year 2021/2022


Complete the application form


Provide the list of documents requested


Pay the application fee 50 € * online (credit card)


Study of your application file


Individual interview


Notification of application result

* Non-refundable


This application procedure concerns students wishing to study on-site for the new academic year 2021/2022.

The application link is at the bottom of the page.

Prospective students have the option of studying in one of the 3 departments below:

  • Department of the Holy Quran.
  • Department of Muslim Theology.
  • Arabic language department.

It is important to note here, all courses at IESH are taught in Arabic Fus-ha. Therefore, we encourage students unable to speak Arabic to enrol onto the Arabic language department first.

The student can study there in boarding school, formula including accommodation, catering and teaching, half-board, with catering and teaching or day school, formula including only the teaching provided on site.

Classes are held Monday to Thursday for an average of 20 hours per week, students are free to stay or leave the campus during the weekend.

More information at the following links:




Department of Arabic Language

Conditions of admission
  • +18 years
  • Baccalaureate not required
  • Admission by interview


Visit the department


conditions of admission


  • +18 years
  • Baccalaureate not required
  • Have the capacity to learn 10 pages per week
  • Have a fluent reading
  • Admission by interview

Visit the department


Muslim Theology

Conditions of admission
  • +18 years
  • A-Levels (or equivalent ) required for graduation*
  • Arabic language required
  • Admission by interview

* If you do not have an A-Levels certification, admission will be on file. However, to obtain the graduation, you will necessarily need an A-Levels or equivalent.

Visit the department



Full boarding formula

Accommodation **, Catering, Courses

€ 3,500 *

Additional mentions

Accommodation :

  • Availability: 7/7
  • Types (subject to availability):
    • Quadruple room in dormitory –€ 3500 / year
    • Double rooms in dormitory –€ 3800 € / year
    • Single rooms in dormitory –€ 4000 € / year
    • Independent studios for couples –€ 8 400 € / year
  • Disposition :
    • The IESH provides a single bed, a mattress, a wardrobe and a desk.
    • The toilets and showers are common areas for the whole dormitory (except the appartments studios)

Catering :

  • Availability: 7/7

The establishment provides daily meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) at defined times.

Courses :

  • The formation is not certified by the State
  • Students are not entitled to national scholarships
  • Classes take place from Monday to Friday
  • Attending classes is compulsory
  • All subjects of the program are compulsory
  • The exams are of two types continuous evaluation and biannual
  • Reports and certifications are issued at the end of the year

Half-boarding formula

Catering, Courses

€ 2,800 *

Additional mentions

Catering :

  • Two possible formulas:
    • Two-meals formula (lunch and dinner): 2800 € / year
    • One-meal formula (lunch or dinner): 2450 € / year
  • The half-boarding student will be able to eat on site only on class days.
  • The half-boarding formula does not include holiday periods.

Courses :

  • The formation is not certified by the State
  • Students are not entitled to national scholarships
  • Classes take place from Monday to Friday
  • Presence in class is compulsory
  • All subjects of the program are compulsory
  • The exams are of two types continuous evaluation and biannual
  • Reports and certifications are issued at the end of the year
  • In outside school hours , the half-boarding student will be able to use the work and revision areas (classes, library, etc.)

Tuition only


€ 2,100 *

Additional mentions

Courses :

Outside of class hours, the tuition-only student will be able to use the work and review areas (classes, library, etc.)

* Contribution to the actual costs incurred by the IESH

** During holiday periods the student will be invited to leave the establishment



    1. You complete the online application form and provide the requested documents.
    2. The Admission Committee studies your application file and then contacts you for an individual interview appointment.
    3. The Admission Committee notifies you by email of your application result.

If you wish to opt for the paper version, download the paper file directly.

What we ask you


contact information

academic background


choice Department desired


Desired formula choice



documents to attach

Payment of application fee

Asked documents

  • 1 Copy of your last diploma
  • 1 Copy of an identity document
  • 1 ID photo
  • Letter of recommendation established by a Muslim association or a recognized Muslim personality
  • Medical certificate attesting to the absence of chronic or contagious diseases within last 3 months *
  • Photocopy of the social insurance card
  • Application fee € 50 (to be paid online except if you choose to apply with the paper file)

You can attach them in the application form making sure that your files have the following formats: png, jpg or pdf .

* COVID-19 rating : Subject to government regulations, IESH may ask you to provide additional supporting documents.

Points of attention

  • 1 application form per individual
  • Fields marked with * are mandatory .
  • If the page is refreshed during the application, your data will not be saved.
  • The requested documents are compulsory. If it is not possible to reach them immediately, finalize your registration without and you can then send them to us either by email or mail.
  • Your personal data remains confidential, they will be saved by the IESH and not communicated to third parties. If you wish to consult or rectify your information, please contact the tuition office.
  • It is recommended to use a recent browser (Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, …)

Finalization of your application

To finalize your application , you will be asked to pay the application fee of € 50 at the end of the application form using your bank card or Paypal ( Momentarily unavailable ).

Otherwise, or in the case of payment issue, you can proceed to the payment of your administration fees via bank transfer ( Momentarily unavailable ), bank check (by regular mail) or in cash on site ( payment by credit card not possible ).

Do not forget to mention Name, first name and choice of department in your transfer reference or on the back of your bank check.

We would like to remind you that this fee is not part of the tuition fees and that they are not refundable.

You can also complete the paper file .

And after that ?

You will receive an email confirming your application and we will contact you to arrange an interview appointment.

The payment of the financial contribution related to your choice of formula will be made in a second step according to the modalities which will be indicated to you by the admissions committee.

Contact details of the institute:

Postal Address :

IESH Château-Chinon
Centre de bouteloin
58120 Saint-Léger-de-Fougeret

E-mail :

Phone : +33 3 86 79 47 67 (Mon-Fri 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.)

Enountering technical issues when you pre-register? Write to us at, (For a better treatment of your request, provide us the name of the browser you are using as well as its version)

Recurring questions (FAQ)

Does the person who registers at IESH have student status?

The person registered at IESH does not have student status.

Can I apply for national scholarships?
Enrollment in the IESH does not open access to national scholarships.
Is the IESH certified by the State?

The IESH is not certified by the state.

Can registration fees be staggered?
Registration fees are to be paid in one go at the beginning of the year.
Are beginners accepted?

It depends on the chosen course. You can see the admission requirements for each course above .

Are there holidays?

Yes, there is an average of seven weeks of holidays during the year.

Can we stay in the campus during school holidays?

Students must leave the campus unless given authorization otherwise.

Can we register for multiple departments at the same year ?

No, only 1 department per year.

Other questions ? write-us

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